• R. Erenzt Joseph
    Erenzt Joseph has extensive experience in management consulting, specifically in the fields of transportation, telecommunications and information technology where he worked for various leading companies, such as Union Carbide, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Ernst & Young for more than 20 years. At Ernst & Young, Erenzt acted as a Project Manager and Subject Matter Expert for large clients for Advisory Services and Performance Audits for governmental institutions and corporations. His comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory system and organization of the transportation industry in Indonesia, added with strong network to various international transportation organizations have enabled him to create opportunities for improvement. Currently, Erenzt is managing a strategic project in the field of transportation and logistics where he is working with various international experts and organizations from various areas, including performance improvement and organization change & transformation.
  • Asoka Ganadharma
    Asoka Ganadharma has more than 25 years experience in various industries and consultancies in Indonesia. He started his career in the airlines industry (IPTN now known as PTDI), steel industry with IndoSteel and Krakatau Steel) and consultancies (Krakatau Information Technology and Ernst and Young). He has extensive experience in management and operational consulting and specifically in business process change, information technology, project management and PMO (program management office). With adequate leadership experience and capability in managing middle to large scale projects, Asoka has in-depth understanding in risk profiling and major issues involved in government bodies, BUMN, banking, oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, manufacturing and transportation and logistics in Indonesia.
  • Tri Sakti Budhi
    Vice President
    Tri started his career as a programmer and IT consultant for 5 years. He then continue his career being a management consultant for the last 15 years which gave him adequate experience in the subject of governance, business process, operational and safety especially in the fields of transportation and logistics. Some of his Notable projects are Civil Aviation Transformation Team for Civil Aviation Strategic Action Plan and Railway Safety Management System, which contributes greatly to both industries in the field of safety.
  • Harjoso Tjatur Prijanto
    Harjoso Tjatur Prijanto Amd, SS, MM, was born in Blitar on 19 December 1952. After completing his ATC (Air Trafic Controller) Junior Education in 1976 at the Curug Flight Training Center he started his career as an Aerodrome Controller at Budiarto Airport. he has extensive experience as an ATC ranging from Aerodromer controller, Approach Controller, Supervisor, check controller and assessor, and auditor for both Airport and Aviation Navigation. During his career as ATC, Harjoso also attended various trainings including ATC Senior Education, Radar Controller and Instructor, both domestically and abroad. Harjoso then continue his career and held positions ranging from Head of Aviation Technician Group, Head of Service, Section Head, Operations Manager, to the peak of his career as Head Sub Directorate of the Air Traffic Operations at PT Angkasa Pura I, which is the highest position as an employee, whose job is to ensure flight safety services within the Ujung Pandang Flight Information Region (FIR) airspace, which covers 2/3 of Indonesia's airspace. After retiring as an employee at the end of 2008, he was still employed by PT Angkasa Pura I as an expert whose job was to prepare and form a new organ in the management of safety management. In 2010 he was trusted and appointed as Director of Operations and Engineering at PT Angkasa Pura I and as a member of the Commissioner at PT Gapura Angkasa, a Ground Handling Company. In 2013, Harjoso was again trusted and assigned as a supervisory member at Perum LPPNPI (Airnav Indonesia) until 2015. Now, Harjoso has continued his career as a lecturer and aviation consultant.